Thankful For Laughter

@PepiSmartDog and neighbour dog Susie share a fun time at the park and take a rest in Pepi’s pram/stroller. Click photo to view enlarged.

Laughter can transform your day, from a crumby start into dizzying heights, all from a good belly laugh.

There’s nothing better than a ride in your pram/stroller, a run in the park, meeting a neighbour, sharing some funny stories then going home to a good meal and a giant nap.

The world needs more laughter!

I write about a lot of yukky stuff and also sad things but laughter is what balances everything out. Give yourself a tickle and find out if you enjoy laughter too. BOL !

@PepiSmartDog Olympic Disco Ball Thrower. Click photo to view enlarged.

Test your friends, go up to them and give them a tickle too. Hee Hee! Tell them Pepi told you to do it. They’ll probably thank you.

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in my twitter event on the 7th. It was a tough subject but with your help we got a lot of awareness raised, which made it a big success. Thank you. :=o)

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