Dog Abuse Against Pit Bulls In Japan

by pepismartdog on January 6, 2013

Wild Cherry pit bull dog with sheared off ears, for fighting. Click to enlarge.

Wild Cherry pit bull dog with sheared off ears, for fighting. Click to enlarge.

Abuse of Pit Bull dogs in Japan is gaining momentum and breeding kennel Wild Cherry  was highlighted for openly promoting aggression in their dogs against wild animals, such as boar. (My contact name withheld.)

It’s not uncommon in Japan to see young wild boars trapped in pitiful tiny cages, up to their belly in caked on mud, unable to move freely. I hadn’t made the connection that boar’s are trapped for dog baiting, for fighting dogs.

As it’s not illegal, Japan has a lurid love of dog fighting, especially Tosa dogs on the Island of Shikoku which is also noted for bull fighting in Uwagima and cock fighting. Probably staging fights between pit bulls and wild boar is not illegal either.

Wild Cherry's link: dog blood sports. Click to enlarge.

Wild Cherry’s link: dog blood sports. Click to enlarge.

Wild Cherry does not have any address listed, which is a major red flag to serious animal people as this usually means they have something to hide from the general public. Although kennels have to be registered, there’s nothing illegal about breeding pit bulls in Japan.

In my opinion having to phone ahead has always been the first indicator of animal abuse taking place on a premises because it gives them time to ‘clean up’ before perspective buyers arrive. Every ‘above board’ animal facility ALWAYS have their address open for public visitation at any time.

Recommended friend of Wild Cherry kennels: this is dog pulling. Click to enlarge.

Recommended friend of Wild Cherry kennels: this is dog pulling. Click to enlarge.

I strolled thru Wild Cherry’s list of links, visitng their ‘friends‘ who they recommend. I suggest you do the same cause it’s a real eye opener about who Wild Cherry really are and what they call a ‘good time.’

Video footage of multiple dogs attacking a defenseless boar, tearing it apart until it’s dead and then photos of the same dog laying with small children! Sites also featured ‘dog pulling’ which was an appalling new topic for me to see.

Wild Cherry link: more dog blood sports. Click to enlarge.

Wild Cherry link: more dog blood sports. Click to enlarge.

Felt ill as I looked thru photos of dogs forced to pull loads of concrete and steel, to the point of rupture! And ill again as the ‘owners’ paraded trophies their dog had won. I was so appalled I’ll be writing about dog pulling in future articles.

It’s time Japan banned blood sports and those promoting it. Dog baiting and dog fighting are no different than bull fighting and it’s time Japan stepped into 2013 and banned all of it! Look again at the photo of the dog pulling the load of steel: how can anyone call that humane?



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